Overview and Description

Through this partnership, the consortium proposes to develop a central platform for a modular toolkit in nine intellectual outputs (IOs) made available as a free open educational resource. The project participants will be trained in a short staff training event to implement the modular resource in 15 national MEs in 15 countries. A final IO will consist in the development of a long term public awareness campaign and sustainability plan, to implement the project results beyond the project partners and beyond the project lifetime. Four TPMs will support the project management and implementation.

A short description of the results:

  • Four modules on (1) physical education, (2) school sport, (3) physical activity and (4) healthy lifestyle in school settings consisting of a report on best practice and a framework and guidelines for implementation
  • A modular implementation toolkit to implement the four modules
  • A public awareness campaign and sustainability plan to implement the project outcomes in further countries and schools beyond the project lifetime