Healthy and Physically Active Schools in Europe


School-related physical activity and healthy lifestyle have numerous benefits on overall development of children. Schools that try to address the problem of physical inactivity and reshape their environment by improving their infrastructure, contents and the organisation of their work bring multiple benefits to their students and improve their future prospects. Healthy lifestyle and physically activity in school settings can be promoted through developments in four domains:

  • Physical education (seen as an educational course and part of the curriculum)
  • Physical activity (other curricular and extracurricular physical activity, represented by educational approaches with a focus on physical activity)
  • School sport (organised non-competitive and competitive sport activities and events in or between schools)
  • Healthy lifestyle (any initiatives linked to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle)


The proposed project is aimed at building the capacity of school-related stakeholders – like teachers, educators, school headmasters – when it comes to the improvement of school-based physical activity for children and adolescents, as well as their healthy lifestyles in general:

  • To map the current situation with regard to best practice related to physically active and healthy schools in Europe
  • To develop a modular framework to promote physically active and healthy schools in Europe
  • To develop a teacher training toolkit to promote physically active and healthy schools
  • To make the modules and the toolkit available in a free open educational platform
  • To raise public awareness about the importance of physically active and healthy schools
  • To facilitate the development of national networks of physically active and healthy schools and an international network of national coordinators
  • To facilitate international links between physically active and healthy schools via platforms like eTwinning

Summarising our vision, by creating and developing a European network, we hope to inspire schools and their stakeholders around the continent to support children and adolescents to be more physically active and to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Teachers, school educators and school headmasterss, representing schools as relevant educational target institutions

Children and adolescents, as school-aged target population attending schools as the relevant educational target institutions

Project Partners

Associated Partners

In addition to the main partner consortium, 12 associated partners are going to contribute to the project (6 ISCA and 6 EUPEA members). The project partners will be represented in total by 19 experts in the project-relevant areas of expertise and 24 delegates of the 12 associate partners will participate in the LTT activity and implement national multiplier events.